HCAD Electronic Filing and Notice System


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HCAD Electronic Filing and Notice System

The Harris Central Appraisal District has launched a new electronic notice and protest filing system for property owners.

The new system allows property owners to iFile a protest and use iSettle to accept or decline a settlement offer from HCAD. Using the new system, property owners are also able to reschedule a formal hearing and look at their hearing evidence on the system.

Property owners can access the new system through their property account on www.hcad.org by clicking on the “File a Protest” button in the upper left or by directly going to owners.hcad.org. Once there, property owners can use their iFile number to create a log-in that will link to their account. Property owners also can link an account to their personal email.

When the registration is complete, property owners will be able to view documents online. If owners elect to enroll in paperless delivery, documents will be emailed directly to them.

To view the new system and see the options available, go to owners.hcad.org.

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